Not sidelined by deafness

My name is Samuel Cartledge, I’m 21 years old, I’ve lived in 3 cities, travelled the world and am a student and a proud recipient of the Cochlear™ implant. Without it, I wouldn’t have lived the life that I have or experienced the world of sound. My life has been a journey of ups and downs with a few bumps involved but I’ve never run out of fuel along the way. I’m a young deaf adult living and advocating for the deaf in a hearing world with close family, friends and team-mates who always have my back.

Basketball Sam Cartledge
Photo by by Grace Sophia

This is my first of many blogs for Cochlear where I want to share my personal stories regarding me and my endeavours with my Cochlear implant. These are my stories and I hope that in someway they inspire and allow the deaf youth of today to realise that nothing is impossible and that deafness is no barrier but a platform to achieve greatness.

A little about me. I’m a very active athlete training and preparing to represent and lead Australia as a Vice Captain at the 2015 World Deaf Basketball Championships and the Asia Pacific Deaf Games, both being held in Taipei, Taiwan. Growing up I was involved in many sports, soccer, touch footy, cycling, swimming, hockey but basketball proved to be my favourite and I have competed representatively in mainstream competition since I was in year 11. Basketball has taken me all over the world, Seoul in South Korea, Sofia in Bulgaria and soon Taipei!

Basketball Deaf championship Sam Cartledge
Photo courtesy of Tang Photography

Aside from basketball, I graduated from Broughton Anglican College in Menangle back in 2011 as a College Captain and moved to Canberra to study Architecture at the University of Canberra where I lived on campus. I have since moved to Melbourne to focus on preparing for my travels this year and also to experience the workforce, study another language, and volunteer for a number of deaf organisations. They include Hear for You, an amazing mentoring program for deaf teenagers going through high school and Deaf Sports Australia, the head organisation in Australia who facilitate and support the participation of sport to deaf Australians on all levels. I also help to coach young children how to play basketball, some are as young as 6 in the Aussie Hoops basketball program at my representative club in Melbourne.

I have intentions in the future of seeing Australia win it’s first ever medal in the Deaflympics for Basketball and help support deaf sporting system as it develops creating more awareness of sport for deaf children and young adults.

I hope you will follow me and my good friend Mel on our blogs as we share our lives experiencing sound through a Cochlear Implant.


2 thoughts on “Not sidelined by deafness

  1. Hi there Sam, so good to read your blog, I can remember meeting you for the first time when you started high school. You have always been an inspiration to many kids around you but your determination to make the best of what you are given in this life is so uplifting and I love to follow what you are doing. Keep up the great work that you do and best of luck winning that medal for Australia! Love Mrs Barry. Broughton Anglican College.

  2. Hi Sam – so good to read this blog and see how you have made such a success of your life thus far! Remember you so well from Junior School at Broughton! As you know I worked in the office with Mr Siemsen and Mrs Wright, Mrs Nightingale and Mrs Simpson. You always came across as a quiet, well-mannered and determined young boy and you had our admiration for the way in which you coped. I and also Mr Pors, wish you God’s blessings on all you do and for your future endeavours. Bring back that medal 😊😊!!

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