Graeme Clark Scholarship winner, Isabelle shares…

I am Isabelle Stanley, 21 years of age, I was implanted with a Cochlear™ implant at the age of 18 months, after discovering that I am profoundly deaf. I am very excited to share my story and some Cochlear experiences with you.

Being deaf and having a cochlear implant is something that I am proud of, it is what makes me unique and different from everyone. It has opened up a whole world for me. Without a cochlear implant I would not be able to do many of the things in life I enjoy: listening to music, dancing or traveling the world. I will explain more about my hobbies and aspirations in greater detail in the next blog posts.

Currently I’m on a bus in the USA travelling from New Orleans to Savannah writing this blog post. I have my family and friends to thank for being independent and capable of doing things on my own, as they have helped me feel confident with myself.
I would like to consider myself as a very social person. I am very goal driven and continue to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. I have had many part-time jobs such as nannying and sale assistants, to finance my travels overseas as well as my love for shopping and dining out.

I will be completing my Bachelor of Business at the end of this year at the University of Technology, Sydney, majoring in Marketing. In 2014, I applied for the Graeme Clarke Scholarship and was lucky enough to be awarded the scholarship! Not only will it help support my degree, it is a well-recognized award, which I am honored to be granted. I was featured in the Manly Daily acknowledging my achievement. I also received a letter from the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott who saw my article and congratulated me!

My family recently converted all our family videotapes into a file, they discovered my switch on video where I hear for the first time. Here is the video:

I can not help myself but watch it over and over again, I am so glad that such a significant moment in my life has been captured. It makes me appreciate having a Cochlear implant as it has given me a lot of opportunities to do things like a fully hearing person.

Without a Cochlear implant, my life would be silent, which is very hard to imagine as my life is currently full of colour, music, sounds, laughter and much more.

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